Your Host and his co-chost

Joe Looking ThoughtfulJoe Geisler (your host)

Joe is a Catholic engineer, entrepreneur, world-traveler, swing dancer, and man-about-town.  A raconteur, if you will.  He’s from a big fat German (or Austrian) Catholic family.  He’s spent a bit too much time reading Latin and Greek writers, not enough reading C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton.  Some have called him a visionary.

Sam Higgins (2nd banana) Sam Photo Tubing

Sam is a shady angry loner.  He’s currently studying transportation engineering at UT Austin and is sometimes distracted by shiny bits of glass.  He’s read extensively in theology and philosophy, including C.S. Lewis, and did a year stint at NET Ministries.  He’s fortunate enough to be one of Joe’s close friends.

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