Mary McClory

Perky Mary McClory and Some Sad Poems

Mary McCloryOnce a dreamer, always a dreamer!  Mary McClory is a singer/songwriter from Austin who has made her life better by dropping one simple thing: 35 pounds, and counting!  We talk with Mary about her music and her weight loss.

Also, Arlen and Dolores return to discuss moving sacred poetry!


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    Do you want to know more? Inside the podcast:

    Act I – Perky Mary McClory and Some Sad Poems
    ● Mary McClory Music:
    ● Mary’s workout secret: Ballroom Dancing:

    Act II – Sacred Poetry Discussion: Arlen Nydam and Dolores Diaz
    ● Father Leonard Feeney:
    ● Poems Discussed:
    – “The Way of the Cross”
    – “Nails”,154260

    ● Casa Teresa:
    ● Austin Editing:


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