Motivation for “Joe’s People”

I’m going to post this as a permalink, but I wanted to share my motivation for the podcast/website.  Forgive the formatting, the wordpress formatter is even worse than Word:

Motivation: Why do I want to do this?

  • I want to tell the stories, mainly about the Catholic community, that need to be told
  • I want to show how Catholics live out their faith in Austin (the interesting ones, at least)
  • Discover and share insights from the Saints.  Got a problem?  They’ve already written about it 500 years before you were born.  We try to reinvent the spiritual wheel a bit much.
  • This is one of my ways of tithing (unless it generates a cash stream)
  • I want to shine a light on the 1/3 of the church that is single in a church that counts its parish sizes in “families”.
  • I want to help foster a sense of community
  • I want to share with my family what the heck I do in Austin, and introduce all the amazing people I’ve been blessed to get to know in my years here.

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