Angela Harger

Inside the Christian Actresses Studio

Angela Harger Angela Harger

Angela is an actress and artist based in Austin,Texas. Like all good actresses, she works in the food service industry to pay her rent while she waits for her big break. She has enjoyed working on independent film sets, national commercials (she appeared for two seconds in a recent Superbowl commercial), and you may have heard her voice in a few radio spots. She is a pro-life, Jesus loving, Hollywood bound actress.  Would you like fries with that?

Here’s a sample of Angela’s work.

Sabrina Blackwell

Sabrina and CrabSabrina owns her own graphic design business, is active in the pro-life and Catholic Young adult circles in Austin, loves dancing, musical theatre, cooking, red wine, and is a crazy cat lady.  She can quote just about every song from just about every Disney movie.  Here is some of Sabrina’s work.

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