Sound of Substance

Demons, Exorcism, Mystic Healers

Sound of Substance

I talk with my people, the band Sound of Substance: Chris and Thomas Sierra, and Erik Rhine.  Chris opens up about his prodigal life before dedicating himself to the Lord.  We talk about demons, exorcism, hermits, and mystic healers.  We finish up with a rockin’ tune by the band in studio.


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    Do you want to know more? Inside the podcast:

    Act I – Demons, Exorcism, and Mystic Healers (Podcast 1)
    • Sound of Substance:
    • Brothers of St. John:
    • Tridium:
    • Deliverance Prayers:
    • Official Stance of the Catholic Church on Exorcism:
    • Relics of the true cross:

    • Austin Editing:
    • Casa Teresa:
    • Catholic Charities:
    • Austin Catholic New Media:


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