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Cash Money Starts her Revolution

CarlyThis week on the big show, Joe’s number one fan, Juliana, joins him as co-host.  They interview Joe’s friend Carly DeFelice, about her journey from debt to financial security, and her program Cash Money Revolution.  There’s enough money talk to get kicked out of the temple!

Two Cups of Joe

Two Cups of JoeTonight on the big show, Joe’s good friend Katie Martin joins him as co-host.  Joe talks all about his exciting new role in helping to develop the Diocese’s 5-year pastoral plan.  Then, it’s 2 cups of Joe, as Joe Morse returns to talk about his new book “Now and At the Hour of Our Death”.  It’s more fun than a barrel of seminarians!

Now and at the Hour of Our Death - Catholic Novel

All the Single Ladies

single ladies

This week on the big show, Joe’s good friend James Kuhr returns as cohost.  They talk about the upcoming ordination of Bishop-Elect Mike Sis in San Angelo.  Then it’s all the single ladies, as the leaders of Austin Catholic Singles join Joe to talk about their ministry for all single Catholics in the Austin diocese. It’s so much Catholic fun, you just might need a plenary indulgence!

Lorie Says: Stop Lying to Your Kids about Santa


Joe’s bestie, Sam Higgins, returns from Outer Mongolia to co-host once again.  The boys get theological about donating and advent discernment.  Then, they interview Joe’s friend Lorie about growing up in the Catholic stronghold of New Orleans, and whether you should lie to your kids about Santa Claus.

This Indian Loves Cows…in Burger Form!

Victor and LionThis time on the big show, Joe laughs it up with his good friend James Kuhr, then he interviews his friend Victor Selvaraj about growing up as a Catholic in India among Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists, and his experiences as an Indian Catholic in America. It’s so much fun, this podcast should have its own Solemnity!

Big Easy Wedding

Dancing with the BrideThis week on the big show, we’re broadcasting on the road, from New Orleans! Our friends Joe Morse and Gina Sanchez were nice enough to invite a legion of my people and myself to the Big Easy for their wedding. We had an amazing time, danced to a live swing band, and caught up with our good friend Trey Ange, who is at Notre Dame seminary.  It’s another edition of in-your-face Catholicism, delivered with a pinch of love. (BTW, we are actually dancing in this photo, even though it looks like I’m just standing around).

The Best of JOE’S PEOPLE – A Tale of Two Katies

Katies w SunglassesThis week on the big show, Katies Martin and Fujarski laugh it up with Joe and his co-host, Joe!  It’s Joe squared plus Katie Squared (strictly speaking, not entirely algebraic).  Katie opens up about her life and faith, including her devotion to Jesus and Mary.  So does Katie!  Also, Regis Martin reads a poem by Joyce Kilmer, “The Robe of Christ”, with Eric Genuis providing background music.  It’s another installment of in-your-face Catholicism!

Actress on a Mission

Non sultry Angela croppedThis week on the big show, Joe laughs it up with his faithful sidekick James Kuhr, and his spunky friend Elizabeth Lange. Then, it’s the return of actress and missionary Angela Harger. Angela was Joe’s first guest on his debut podcast, and she returns with stories of miracles from a mission trip to the UK. It’s so much fun, you oughta have to confess it!

He Captures the Beauty of God


Tonight on the big show, Joe laughs it up with his good friend, fitness buff Suzanne Miller, who also is buff!  Then Joe welcomes his professor friend, lecturer/photographer Arlen Nydam, to talk about his conversion, academic experiences, and gorgeous photos. This show’s almost as Catholic as the Pope’s General Audience!